“I’ve learned that when people trust you to guide them and teach them about something that can make or break their financial future, you don’t take that lightly,” says Vickie Richards, veteran saleswoman and owner of the business development firm, VR Ventures.

Richards’ history of high-responsibility jobs gives weight to her words – U.S. Army Air Traffic Controller and trainer, FedEx owner/operator, Safe House volunteer, American Indoor Football Association manager, and franchise saleswoman/business developer.

In addition, Richards’ ran highly successful B2B and D2D operations in the south for nearly 6 years before relocating to Baltimore MD where she continued to work with individuals interested in sales and marketing careers. Companies actively seek out Richards’ genius in business operations nationwide and those are just a few of her experiences.

Extremely passionate about helping foundations a current priority for Richards is working on a national campaign with the RAACE Foundation to bring awareness to sexual child abuse. A cause she is exceptionally devoted to.

“It’s hard to describe what I can do, because I’ve done so many things” she says. Each project has a life of its own. “I can help existing companies that are restructuring, reorganizing, or expanding through franchising or territory licensing. I can help new entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground floor up. I can be as hands on or hands off as they need.  I can start them up, research and lease locations, develop standard operating procedures and other documents, teach them to handle the management issues, hire and fire the people on their staff, then walk away when the job is done.”

Now, Richards is applying that business savvy to benefit new startups and established firms through VR Ventures, focusing primarily on Social Media Marketing which Richards says is critical to any company looking to profit.

The biggest part of the job is empowering her clients. “ultimately having an implementation team in place and focusing on the educational portion is key to getting companies moving in the direction that they want to go, she says. “The average person can do a lot toward starting, restructuring or  growing their own business - they just need to know what to do, how to do it, and where to begin,” “That’s where I can help,”

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