Social Media Services

The internet has changed the way you need to do business and one of the most critical components of your marketing is social media. Like it or not, it is here to stay and with changes happening daily outsourcing is a must. Your time is well spent running your business not your social media pages.

Just the Facts:

Already 92% of all business searchers now start looking for products and services online, according to Yahoo! But only 26% of small businesses have invested any time or money in online marketing. Simply put, nearly all customers have shifted to these new platforms but most businesses have not, choosing instead still to advertise in paper format such as newspapers, yellow pages and mailbox flyers.

Let us set-up then provide you with management services to get your message out multiple times on multiple sites every day 365 days a year!

We don’t just grab your brand/logo and run!

Included in our packages is up to a one hour phone consult to fully understand your business and your needs.

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